A Silent Retreat Affect on Brain

Over the last 15 years, silent retreats and vipassana meditation have become very popular. They have become very popular for very different reasons. One reason why they have become very popular is due to media exposure. As more and more people begin to go on silent retreats and meditation retreats, they talk more about it. As more people talk about it more and more people do it, and the media learns about it, and it hits critical mass. It isn’t just because it is popular that people do it, it is because people get a lot of benefits from doing a silent retreat and other forms of meditation.

There’s a lot of research that shows how meditation and how silence can change the brain. We also know now the term neural plasticity and how the brain can actually physically change as a result of the activities that we engaged in. The brain actually becomes more efficient at doing the things that we demand it often does. A ten-day silent retreat affect on brain waves has been documented over the last few years. We know that meditation does change the brain for the better.

The silent retreat affect on the brain lasts well after the retreat. People typically experience a sense of tranquility and calm that they can take into their regular life. They develop a resource state that they can go into that helps them navigate the stressful world. They are able to go into various brainwave states that are beneficial. They’re able to reduce stress, in some cases reduce blood pressure, approach things like arguments with friends and loved ones with equanimity and mindfulness so that they can take the conversation to the best place possible, they are able to use mindfulness to make better decisions and to control their lives in a better way.

There are many positive things that happen when a person attends a silent retreat. Scientific research is showing us how meditation and how silence can change the brain. We know that the brain is the key to meditation and meditation allows us to tap into the brain in new and powerful ways. So yes a silent retreat will change your brain and can make your life a lot better. Many people get all types of benefits from it; they are able to resolve issues that they have struggled with their entire lives, they are able to find inner peace, they are able to approach life with a feeling of equanimity and mindfulness, they leave their retreat a better person.